Training Plan Template

Creating a training plan is a critical part of planning ahead and reaching your professional goals. The following materials are provided to help you get started on creating and maintain a long-term training plan to enhance your professional qualities.

All employees should have a 1-3 year training plan that outlines their professional development goals and how they plan to get there. Some training events are only offered every 2-3 years, so keeping a long-range plan is also critical to keep you on track and not miss an opportunity.

It is recommended that employees budget about 40 hours of continuing education hours in a 3 year period. That keeps it manageable, while also keeping you relevant in your area of expertise.

The following training template was designed to help you get started. Work with a mentor, manager, or on your own to outline those modules, courses, training events, conferences, webinars, and/or meetings that will help advance your knowledge.

Updated January 2022

Training Plan Template

This Training Plan Template will be updated often as course requirements and numbers change. Check in every 1-3 years as you create your annual and 3-year training plans.

Be sure to get your District manager and/or supervisor to sign on to your training plan to ensure you are properly supported. Your professional development is a benefit to all!