New Employee Resources

Welcome to the Conservation District family! Below are some resources to help get you started and on your way:

Register in the Database

Enter your new position information into the WA Conservation District staff database to receive information, share expertise, and track training. 

New Employee Check List Examples and Templates

Have Smartsheet? You can access the new employee check list and customize it for your District HERE.

Conservation District New Employee Checklist.pdf

New Employee Checklist (PDF)

Conservation District New Employee Checklist.xlsx

New Employee Checklist (Excel)

New Employee Video

Ray Ledgerwood gives an introduction to the Conservation District world to new supervisors and employees. 

Introduction for new employees from the virtual WADE 2020 Conference.  This is  an orientation to the workings of Districts and roles of employees in achieving local conservation success including finding resources on the CTD website. 

Having an understanding of your liability in the planning process, how far you can go in assisting landowners with permitting, and when you need to do a cultural resources assessment, is vital to sound planning. Learn where your limits are and how to protect yourself and your District from undue liability.

For WSCC Page Link, click image above. 

WSCC Video Orientation for Conservation District Supervisors and Staff

The WSCC has put together a series of three helpful videos to help get new staff oriented to the Conservation District role. The three videos include:

The ABCs of the Conservation World

Partners & Related Organizations

Local & WCC

State Organizations

National Organizations