AgLearn Info

What is AgLearn?

• AgLearn is an online portal to provide and schedule valuable training and development opportunities, created and maintained by the Department of Agriculture’s Learning Content Management System (LCMS).

• New employees/new hires/new partners, contractors, volunteers, and Technical Service Providers (TSPs) will need to take the Information Security Awareness Training, “FY2019 (or current fiscal year) USDA Information Security Awareness,” before they can access AgLearn. The course and exam can be found at: You will be asked for your person model ID (PMID). If you do not know your PMID, please leave that block blank. TSPs do not receive and or have a person model ID (PMID).

How do I access AgLearn?

• AgLearn is accessible from any computer/mobile device with an internet connection.

• AgLearn can be accessed at this link:

• You will be asked to login with your eAuthentication ID (eAuth ID) or LincPass (Dont have an eAuthentication Account? Start the process HERE).

Where can I get help with my eAuthentication ID?

• eAuth help contacts can be found here:

• Technical Service Providers (TSPs) can contact their State TSP Coordinator for guidance.

• Partners, contractors, and volunteers must access AgLearn with their internal/managed, Level 2 eAuth ID.

• Technical Service Providers (TSPs) can access the link below to complete the registration information:

Where can I get more information about AgLearn, including how to get help using AgLearn?

You can download the FPAC AgLearn Support Resources document for more information on getting started and staying current in AgLearn.

AgLearn/eAuthentication Accounts

This is a friendly reminder to all of those with Aglearn accounts to remember to log in to your account every 20 days to main access by using your eauthentication User ID and password to get into Aglearn. Failure to do this can get you locked out of AgLearn. The CTD recommends setting up a reminder in your Outlook calendar.

If you do not take the Information Security Assessment, your account will be inactivated, this normally happens around April of each year.

If you are locked out of Aglearn, contact the Aglearn helpdesk directly to reactive your account: If your eAuthentication account is inactivated or your password does not work you need to contact eAuthentication helpdesk directly.