CTD Planner Certification

The CTD Planner Certification Program certifies individuals to meet planning certification guidelines, and recognizes planners demonstrating an advanced level of skill. Certification provides a pathway for new and experienced planners alike to advance with knowledge and mentor support.

Current CTD Planner Certifications available for Riparian, Farm, and Dairy planners.

Forestry is coming in 2022!

Please review the qualifications for your appropriate certification and get started today!


Riparian Planner Certification

Updated December 30, 2020


Farm Planner Certification

Updated December 30, 2020


Dairy Planner Certification

Updated December 30, 2020

Steps to CTD Planner Certification

  1. Review your discipline specific Planner Certification Program document (below) for application details and submission requirements.

  2. Create a training plan and complete required training events needed to achieve the level of certification you are applying for.

  3. Gather/complete your necessary application materials, including:

  • Supplemental Skills Assessment form

  • Resume/CV (outlining education and experience) (Template HERE)

  • Documentation of required Training (submit required course certificates)

  • Documentation of NRCS Planner Designation Level (print from AgLearn or submit completed Training Plan)

  • Documentation of Professional Certification(s) (if applicable)

  • Submission of required number of Plans (#1 - Level 1, #2 = Level 2, #3 = Level 3) (see plan review criteria HERE to ensure you are submitting a quality product)

  • Two Letters of Reference

  • Letter of District Support

  1. Submit your 1) Planner Certification Application and 2) required number of Plans via the Smartsheet submission forms (links below).

  2. Once your application is approved, add your required 40 hours of Continuing Education Units (CEU's) to your 3-year training plan and get started.

  3. Happy planning!

You can submit your application anytime! We will review periodically and add you to the certified family.

Next round of applications reviews will occur April 1, 2021

If you cannot access the Smartsheet form, or have any issues, contact us for an alternative submission method: certification@wactd.org

Certification Application Support

The following are links to documents referenced in the certification documents:

Current List of Required Training for All Certifications - Because training requirements can change annually based on availability, we have posted the current requirements for reference when putting your application together.

NRCS Planner Certification Requirements - The CTD Planner Certification process uses the NRCS Planner Designations of "Apprentice" and "Certified" as a foundation of our certification requirements. Please review those the NRCS process and be sure to complete first.

Conservation Plan Checklist - Use this document as guidance for elements/items that should be found in your submitted conservation plans (as applicable).

Plan Review Checklist - For reference, this is the form that will be used to review your submitted plans. Use it as a guide to determine plan completeness and quality.

Certification Inquires

For questions, please contact the certification program at: certification@wactd.org