CTD Specialty Planner Certification Program


The CTD Specialty Planner Certification Program certifies individuals to meet planning certification guidelines, and recognizes planners demonstrating an advanced level of skill. Certification in a particular discipline area or specialty builds on the core competencies of the NRCS conservation planner designations. Current CTD Specialty Planner Certifications available for: Dairy Planning, Farm Planning, and Riparian Planning. Other future disciplines which will occur in future years include: Forest Planning.

Learn more about these specialty certifications by reading the requirements below. Learn what documents are required and the needed steps to take to submit a complete certification application through the CTD Specialty Planner Certification Application Online form. Note that all specialty planner applicants are required to have obtained, at minimum, a USDA NRCS Level I Planner Certification* before they can apply to this program in any of the discipline areas. 

*Or, in substitute of a USDA NRCS Level I Planner Certification, an equivalent certification from another accredited planning program as noted in the program requirements documents below for each specialty. Understanding of the core foundations of conservation planning is integral to applying for any specialty based certification through CTD.

Program Requirements

Certification Requirements: 

CTD Dairy Planner Specialty


Certification Requirements: 

CTD Farm Planner Specialty


Certification Requirements: 

CTD Riparian Planner Specialty


Application Submission Process 


Document of Interest

One-Page Application


Document of Interest: 

Training Plan Template

NRCS-CTD Planner Training Template_080922.xlsx

Document of Interest: 

Req. Documents Checklist


Document of Interest: 

Plan Review Worksheet


If you cannot access the Smartsheet form, or have any issues, contact us for an alternative submission method: ctd-certification@wactd.org 

CTD Specialty Planner Certification Inquires 

For questions, please contact the CTD Certification Coordinator by emailing ctd-certification@wactd.org.