2016 - 12

CTD Newsletter - December 2016

Happy Holidays from the CTD

This has been a banner year for the Center for Technical Development and we want to extend a HUGE thank you to all staff, supervisors, and partners who have supported us. We have had the honor of bringing you new and revised training events in collaboration with NRCS and Conservation District partners, and have even more planned for 2017. We launched our new and well needed Certification program for Dairy, Farm, and Riparian Planners and look forward to guiding you thorough the program while we work on adding even more disciplines in the future. To support your planning, we convened special peer planning groups in Riparian, Dairy and Farm planning to revise and create new statewide planning templates while also corralling planning tools into one place on our website so you can find them. We also worked diligently on launching the new Discovery Farms program and created standard operating procedures and technology designs for implementing the NRCS Edge of Field program, which is going statewide in 2017! The CTD has also provided input and support in many areas and efforts across WA in an effort to provide Conservation Districts with the programs and professional development opportunities you need to succeed. We are excited to continue this work in 2017 and beyond! Thank you for a great year and the honor to continue working with you on another!

The CTD at the WACD Annual Conference

CTD members Nichole Embertson and James Weatherford presented during the Washington Association of Conservation Districts (WACD) 2016 Annual Conference. The theme of this year’s conference was “Finding Common Ground: Growing the Future of Conservation Partnerships”. Some of the great sessions were Sustainable Land Strategies – Local Engagement and Collaborative Solutions, Approach and Messaging Legislators on Budget – Tips and Things to Remember, Common Ground and Tribal Relations – Conserving Resources Together for our Shared Future, and Soil Heath Success Stories. Many folks stopped by and checked out the CTD booth and were able to view highlights and accomplishments from 2016. Also, the CTD would also like to say goodbye and thank you to former WACD President Mark Craven and welcome the new WACD President, Thomas Miller and new WACD Vice President Jeanette Dorner.

Greetings from the Training Team

Hello friends and colleagues,

We have great news this month! Last month (November) we met with Karen Bishop, president of WADE to begin coordinating with WADE to provide special sessions and training tracks at the 2017 WADE conference that are targeted for the Farm Planner, Riparian Planner, and Dairy Planner certifications. These sessions will count as Continuing Education Units (CEU) for the certification programs. Even if you are still in the application process, these special tracks will get you kick started and on your way to better planning!

We are also working with WSCC and NRCS on a special agreement for trainings next year. We are not quite ready to unveil the details, but we are working hard to bring you the training events you need to advance your skills and be ready for planning needs on the horizon. Stay tuned for more details in 2017!

We are looking forward to another great year in 2017. Thank you for your continued interest and support. Feel free to reach out at any time to request training events and provide feedback. We are for you, by you.

Happy Holidays and a very happy new year to all of you and your families and friends!!!


James Weatherford | Training Coordinator, CTD

Training Events

NACD Urban and Community webinar

Title: "Helping Landowners Manager Small Acreage with Horses"

Date & Time: 12/15/2016 9:00AM - 10:00AM PST

Register: Email Deb Bogar, NACD | deb-bogar@nacdnet.org

Science and Technology Conservation Webinar Schedule now Available!

USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service webinars provide training and information on a variety of agricultural and forestry topics, many of them suggested by the Agency's field employees responsible for conservation planning.

Visit 2017 Planned Conservation Webinars at the Science and Technology Training Library to preview our upcoming webinar topics and presentation dates. This running list of conservation webinars is updated as new topics are scheduled. Webinar titles are linked when more information is available, including how to participate, what you will learn, who is presenting, and the CEU types you can earn.

All are welcome to participate. Conservation webinars are open to USDA partners and the public. Advance registration is not required, and there is no fee to participate. If you miss the live presentation, conservation webinars are recorded for on-demand viewing.

NRCS: 2017 Soils Planner

To order the 2017 Soils Planner titled" Soils Have Memory" click HERE.

Greetings from President Karen Bishop

The CTD is happy to announce we will now be featuring Washington Association of District Employees (WADE) to bring you important updates! The WADE Conference Planning Committee is working together to bring 8 training track opportunities to CD staff, supervisors and partners at the WADE Conference at the Sleeping Lady in Leavenworth, June 12 – 14, 2017. Make sure and save the date! If you have specific classes that you would like to see offered, please contact WADE President Karen Bishop karen@whidbeycd.org prior to Dec. 31 so that these ideas can get passed along to the track coordinators. At the upcoming conference, a Dairy Certification track will be offered as part of the Farms and Fields track. Stay tuned for more information.

For more information about WADE visit the website HERE.

Getting to Know You: District Highlight

District Name: Pacific Conservation DistrictPopulation: 18,500# Employees: 6 full time, 1 Part time Main Programs: Farm Planning, Shellfish cost share, CREP & Habitat Restoration

Key Partners: Washington State Recreation Office/Salmon Recovery Funding Board, Willapa Bay Water Resource Inventory Area #24 Lead Entity; Washington State Conservation Commission, Pacific County Marine Resources Committee, Willapa Bay Regional Fish Enhancement Group, Pacific County

Most Proud of: The Naselle River Stream Restoration project is a collaboration of landowners and agencies to restore and enhance stream habitat along the Naselle River in south Pacific County. In partnership with the Willapa Bay Regional Fisheries Enhancement group and CREP, the Pacific Conservation District has contributed to the stream restoration of approximately a mile on both sides of this important salmon bearing stream, and riparian planting will take place in the spring.

Shellfish Cost Share and Grayland Cranberry growers

Cranberry growers in the Grayland area have worked diligently to reduce pollutants from entering the Grayland Ditch that flows directly to shellfish beds, and cost share has helped implement BMPs that reduce potential impacts of fertilizers and pesticides into the stream.

Featured Program: Mason Conservation District "Manure Exchange Program"

The Mason Conservation District maintains a free program to match local livestock owners who have excess manure on their property with gardeners in search of inexpensive (free!) local fertilizer. The goal of this program is to help farmers off-load excess manure that they don’t want to manage on site.

If not properly managed, large quantities of excess manure can wash away in a storm, ending up in our local streams, lakes and marine waterways. Excess nutrients in the water can contribute to health problems and impact the local economy. Nutrient pollution threatens the productivity of the shellfish industry, as has happened in sections of Hood Canal and Oakland Bay.

By recycling manure, a tremendous resource, we can all work toward improved water quality in Mason County. The District has compiled a list of local livestock owners that wish to share their manure at no cost. Please remember that manure can often be a source of pathogens and weed seeds, and should be treated as raw organic matter and allowed to fully compost before further use.

For more information on the Manure Exchange Program contact MCD HERE.

Fun Fact

Did you know...

One out every six oysters consumed in the US is harvested in Willapa Bay.

Featured Photo

District: Kitsap Conservation District

Description: Culvert Replacement Project in Blackjack Creek

To find more great photos from Conservation Districts across Washington State please visit HERE.