Special Announcements

Working Effectively with American Indians training opportunity

This is a required training for the NRCS Planner Designation "Certified" Level.

Date: August 13 - 17th, 2018
Location: Port Gamble S'Klallam Reservation, Kingston, WA
Who: Training is open to federal agencies, Washington Conservation Districts and tribes. Others may be considered if room
Cost: No registration fee. Participants are responsible for food and lodging costs. A block of rooms has been reserved at the Point Hotel, Kingston, WA.
Registration: Click here to register.
Deadline to register is July 30, 2018.

In this week-long course, participants will enjoy learning from local tribal representatives and NRCS employees from across the country who have many years of experience working with tribal nations.

Discover a working knowledge of:
• Traditional tribal ways, the role of tribal elders, and cultural dos and don’ts;
• The history of American Indian Tribes, treaties between tribes and the US government, executive order, laws, acts, policy, and tribal land status;
• What is federal trust responsibility, consultation, and protocols when working with federally recognized tribes as a government representative;
• What it means to work nation to nation and/or government to government with sovereign nations, how to build partnerships with tribes, and an understanding of tribal law and tribal governments;
• How to identify and navigate around obstacles/barriers to working with tribes by using tools such as the Nine Steps of Conservation Planning, the guiding principles of federal employees’ roles and responsibilities, the Indigenous Stewardship Guide, and agency general manual.

Space is limited. For more information, contact Robin Slate at robin.slate@wa.usda.gov or Mark Craven at ldhalloween@yahoo.com.

Visit the Washington NRCS website to view the draft agenda.

ASWM-NRCS Wetland Training Webinar Series

NRCS has entered into an agreement with the Association of State Wetland Managers (ASWM) to develop a nine-part wetland training webinar series designed to provide participants with a general level of knowledge about wetlands and wetland restoration options and considerations.  

This Friday, June 22, at 3 pm EDT, the first of these webinars will be hosted by ASWM. There is no cost to register for the webinar and the webinar will be recorded and available for replay for those not able to participate on Friday.  

This webinar series has been developed to providing training for Level 1and 2 NRCS Conservation Planners in field offices about key wetland concepts and restoration considerations as they work with clients on issues that involve wetlands.  Additional targeted audiences include state and tribal wetland program staff, district staff, others working with NRCS Planners, staff from other agencies working on these issues (e.g. Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management), and NRCS non-planners who would benefit from this knowledge/skill-building. Participants do not require prior knowledge of or training on wetlands.

Participants will come away from trainings with key knowledge, the ability to be more conversant about wetland issues, knowing what questions to ask when looking at restoration opportunities, and knowing when to contact or bring in an expert. This webinar series ties in with the NRCS nine-step planning process, focusing on Phase I collection and analysis steps: identify problems, determine objectives, inventory resources and analyze resource data.

For those of you who have wetland backgrounds, much of this will be good review/refresh information, for those that do not have wetland backgrounds but work on or interact with the wetland easement programs, these sessions will provide useful technical information.

Webinars in the Training Series

Webinar 1: Introduction to Wetlands - June 22, 2018

Webinar 2: Wetlands in a Watershed/at the Landscape Scale

Webinar 3: Wetland Ecology for Planners: How a Wetland Should Function

Webinar 4: Wetland Ecology for Planners: Examples of Variation Across the United States

Webinar 5: Dealing with Reality: How to Work with Wetlands in Altered Landscapes

Webinar 6: Identifying Resource Concerns and Determining Landowner Objectives

Webinar 7: How to Talk about Wetlands with Landowners

Webinar 8: What are Wetland Restoration Choices? Matching Objectives to Programs and Getting Additional Help

Webinar 9: Dealing with Challenging Weather Patterns in Restoration Planning