WSCC Center for Technical Development (CTD)
For the betterment of Washington Conservation Districts and employees
The Center for Technical Development (CTD) has been created for the purpose of ensuring that Conservation Districts and employees have the proper tools and expertise to consistently plan and implement conservation programs in collaboration with the Washington State Conservation Commission (WSCC), Conservation Districts in Washington State, Washington Association of District Employees (WADE), the Washington Association of Conservation Districts (WACD), and other key conservation partners.
CTD Seeks Part-time Employee for Coordination Assistance
Attention CD staff! Short staffed? Looking for a few more hours of work? The WSCC Center for Technical Development (CTD) is requesting applications for a CD staff member to assist part-time with the coordination of CTD trainings and communications. This paid position will work closely with CTD Leadership and task leads to help us better achieve our mission. The CTD is very excited to add a member to the team!
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Applications are being accepted until October 27, 2017.


  • Provide resources for District employees to utilize to improve their skills and knowledge
  • Identify opportunities for streamlined systems that all Districts can take advantage of
  • Establish priorities and identify where state Conservation Districts can grow to ensure they remain a well-informed resource for landowners

Who We Are

We are a small group of passionate district staff from around the state who believe in helping advance and support the professional and technical needs of CD staff. We are always looking for others who are equally as enthusiastic and interested in joining our group. Whether you are a new or seasoned employee, we can find a place for you if you want to help. Start by contacting us to learn more about how you can get involved.

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Interested in Joining the CTD??

Are you interested in joining the CTD? Please fill out this application and someone will contact you soon to follow up: APPLICATION