Webinar: See More, Manage More: Automating Work Processes Using the Smartsheet Project/Work Management Software Platform

Improve collaboration and transparency, manage projects in real-time and deploy new processes throughout your District. Learn how Districts are utilizing Smartsheet to efficiently run District operations, grant management, reporting and project tracking.

Presented on May 8, 2019

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Catch the special in-person follow up session at the WADE conference Monday, June 10 @ 3:30.

For questions regarding this webinar, contact: Jessica Self, Palouse CD, JessicaS@palousecd.org

Webinar: New NRCS Planner Designation Status and Information (Held on March 28, 2018)

Webinar hosted by NRCS and CTD

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This webinar covered the new NRCS Planner Certification levels, qualification criteria, training opportunities, timelines, and provided a forum for Q&A by NRCS and the CTD. This webinar is for NRCS, Conservation District, and other planning partners interested learning more about the new criteria and what they need to do to get rolling.

Webinar: Integrated Erosion Tool for ArcMap and Toolkit (Held January 29, 2018)

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Link to video on "An Introduction to IET"

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Description: The Integrated Erosion Tool (IET) combines the current wind and water erosion prediction technologies into a single interface within Customer Service Toolkit and works as a plug-in to ArcGIS.

The IET is unique by combining wind and water erosion into one interface, and utilizing databases housed within the Land Management Operations Database (LMOD). Through the use of LMOD, a user will no longer need to manage databases for the erosion prediction tools. LMOD is the agency’s single authoritative database for erosion prediction databases.

IET can be used for wind and water erosion predictions for resource evaluation as it contains the current erosion prediction technologies for wind and water erosion used by NRCS. Further evaluation may be needed for designing and installing sediment trapping practices such as contour buffers, filter strips and other similar practices.

WEBINAR: Nutrient Management Considerations in Planning - Training Primer (Held May 16, 2017)

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Notes from webinar HERE

Guidelines for NMP Plan Writing Activity

Description: If you are registered for, or considering taking, the Nutrient Management Considerations in Planning Training Primer (aka, NMP Training), you need to review this primer webinar. Course organizers provide you with a preview of the course content and expectations, as well as an overview of the prerequisites. This NMP course will have a new planning component which requires you to have a plan site selected prior to the course and come with specific information about the site. In the webinar, NRCS and CTD course leads will outline what this content is and how to select the appropriate site for success. A Q&A time at the end of the webinar will provide an opportunity to ask questions and clarify requirements.

Questions: Tracy Hanger, NRCS | tracy.hanger@wa.usda.gov or Nichole Embertson | nembertson@whatcomcd.org

WEB Training: RUSLE2 and WEPS Overview (Held June 1, 2017)

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RUSLE2-WEPS General Info (handout)

RUSLE2-WEPS Data Collection Sheet (handout)

The objective will be to explain the structure, inputs and reports of each tool so that planners will be able to take inventory needed to use the models. The webinar will not be going into detail on how to use the program, this is an overview/refresher and it is assumed the attendee has had a basic training in the tool at some point. If planners understand the inputs and outputs, they can easily collect the data and analyze the reports and then work with other experienced planners to run the tool.

For more information contact: Tracy Hanger, NRCS | tracy.hanger@wa.usda.gov