Planner Resources

There is a recognized need for better uniformity and accessibility to tools and templates for all disciplines of planning across WA. This is largely in an effort to support planners, but also to make sure that our planning and processes are strong, defensible, and easily transferred from one District to the next.

The CTD has curated planner resources and information for the following planning disciplines with more to come:

Dairy Planner Tools and Templates

Riparian Planner Tools and Templates

Coming in the future:

  • LID
  • Forestry (urban and rural)
  • Shoreline (marine and fresh)
  • Irrigation
  • Energy (urban and farm)
  • Fire Wise
  • Financial/Accounting
  • Water Quality Monitoring and Education

Have resources you think would be helpful to share with other planning? Please let us know and we will post them up. Contact: