NRCS Certification

NRCS Conservation Planner Designations

NRCS provides planner designations/certifications relative to Conservation Planning. These certifications are independent of the CTD Planner Certifications.

NRCS Planner Designations are at three levels:

  • Apprentice
  • Certified
  • Master

For more information on the NRCS Planner Designation levels and requirements, please refer to the NRCS handout: NRCS Conservation Planner Designations.

FAQ's for NRCS Planner Designations coming soon!

NRCS Planner Designation Supporting Information

Webinar: NRCS Planner Certification Status and Information

Recording of Webinar (Recording Password: NRCS Planning 1)

PowerPoint Slides from Presentation

Hosted by NRCS and CTD, this webinar goes over the new NRCS Planner Designation/Certification levels, qualification criteria, training opportunities, timelines, and provide a forum for Q&A by NRCS and the CTD. This webinar is for NRCS, Conservation District, and other planning partners interested learning more about the new criteria and what they need to do to get rolling.

NRCS Conservation Planning Policy

NRCS Washington Bulletin: Mandatory Training Deadlines for Conservation Planners

NRCS Appendix A AgLearn Clean Up

NRCS Appendix B AgLearn Training

NRCS Appendix C Science & Technology Webinars

NRCS Appendix D OJT Self Certification

NRCS Appendix E Instructor Lead Training