August 2020


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CTD Webinar Series

Adapting and Delivering Education and Outreach Services During Current Times

Thursday, August 13 @ 9:00-10:30 am

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The only thing that is constant is change. We are all adapting programs right now to accommodate current events, and education and outreach is one of the top modifications Districts are making. This webinar will hear successful examples from Districts across the State on their adaption strategies to education and outreach for K-12, multicultural, farmer/landowner/adult, and urban and consumer audiences. Come listen, gather ideas, and connect with Districts doing great things!

Clean Energy Rundown for your District and Clients

Thursday, August 27 @ 9:00-10:00

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Pierce CD, Spark Northwest, and Snohomish CD are all part of the Rural Energy for Washington Program. They work through a USDA grant to provide free technical and grant writing assistance to farmers and rural small businesses to install energy efficiency, solar, and other renewable energy projects. This webinar will share the program benefits and help your District enroll in the program to better understand how to provide assistance to your clients.

Creating a Functional and Accessible (and Free!) Web Presence

Thursday, September 10 @ 9:00-10:30

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No matter the size of your District, having a presence on the web - whether it be a website or social media - is vital to connect with clients and the public. Join us to learn some easy and free ways to create an organized web presence, receive guidance on which platform to choose when, and assess how to increase diversity in your content. Also, learn how to check your website and web materials for ADA accessibility and adapt as needed.

Helpful Links: WSCC Marketing Toolkit

Negotiating the NRCS Planner Designation/Certification Process

Thursday, September 24 @ 9:00-10:00

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There are benefits to achieving an NRCS Planner Designation status (i.e., Apprentice, Certified), but the process can be confusing. We will go over the advantages of achieving an NRCS Planner Designation status, how to load your training curriculum in AgLearn so that it tracks your progress, how to bypass training requirements with Proficiency Exams, where to find and use the certification Training Plan, and more. We will also present a new flow chart graphic that helps you navigate the process and be sure you dont miss a step. We hope this webinar unravels the kinks in the process, and/or gets you on an easy path to attain your NRCS Designation this coming year.

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Tips to Conducting a Successful Virtual/Remote Site Visit

Due to the recent uptick in COVID cases, many of us are revisiting (or continuing!) the idea of remote site visits. In any case, conducting site visits with or without clients is challenging right now. For those applications that a remote/virtual site visit is even practical, you will likely be at home/office and the client in the field relaying information back to you. The CTD has compiled some guidance from that perspective, but you can easily swap out the roles if you are able to go into the field without the client. Use these tips as a baseline, and revise and adjust as necessary for your District and particular situation.

Remember, conducting a virtual/remote site visit has the same standards and requirements for an in-person site visit. Be prepared and professional. Make the most of your time and the client's. Have a backup plan and be adaptable if things don’t go as planned!

Visit the CTD website for a full list of tips and pre-visit planning resources:

CTD Planner Certifications!

Congratulations to the following individuals on being the first group to achieve the CTD Planner Certification!!


Jason Mirro, King CD, Level 1

Marguerite Abplanalp, Thurston CD, Level 1

Ashley Smithers, Clark CD, Level 1

Bobbi Lindemulder, Snohomish CD, Level 2

Nicole Warren, Thurston CD, Level 1

Tami Stubbs, Palouse CD, Level 1


Ryan Williams, Mason CD, Level 1

The next round of applications are due December 31st for review. You can submit your application anytime. Visit the CTD website for more details.

Questions about earning a CTD Planner Certification?

The CTD hosted a special webinar on March 5, 2020 to help you better understand the three CTD Planner Certifications - Riparian, Farm, and Dairy - available, why you need to apply, and how to navigate the application process.

Click here to access the recorded webinar

Still unclear on the NRCS Planner Certification process? Register for the upcoming CTD webinar:

Negotiating the NRCS Planner Designation/Certification Process

Thursday, September 24 @ 9:00-10:00

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American Farmland Trust Webinar:

"Understanding Non-Operating Landlords: Opportunities for farmland stewardship and succession planning in Washington and beyond"

Monday, August 17, 1 PM PST

Nearly 48% of farmland in Washington state is rented or leased, often from agricultural landowners, or non-operating landlords (NOLs). There is a common perception that farmland protection and conservation are harder on rented land. The truth is, we don’t know much about these NOLS or their views on conservation.

At American Farmland Trust, we set out to learn who NOLs are, understand their land management decision-making processes, and improve our outreach and engagement with them and their tenants in order to improve conservation outcomes on rented lands. In 2018-2019, AFT surveyed NOLs in 11 states, including Washington. The resulting full report includes an assessment of differences across states, between men and women NOLs, and those with farming experience and those without.

Join us on Aug. 17, 2020 at 1 p.m. to learn more about the findings from our Washington survey and key highlights from the national report. Participants will gain critical insight on and outreach strategies for this often-overlooked stakeholder group in farmland conservation and preservation.

Reminder to Log Into AgLearn

This is a friendly reminder to all of those with AgLearn accounts to remember to log in to your account every 20 days to maintain access by using your eAuthentication User ID and password. Failure to do this can get you locked out. The CTD recommends setting up a reminder in your Outlook calendar.

Pacific Northwest and Mountain West Nutrient Cycling, Soil Health and Food Safety Conference

October 27-29, 2020

Virtual Conference via Zoom

Nutrient cycling and recycling, fate and transport of nutrients across multiple landscapes of agriculture, and food safety related to water irrigation management will be the focus of the conference. An emphasis will be placed on adoption of innovative technology and building relationships which will promote recycling of manure nutrients via crops and forages.

Registration is now open!

Visit the website for more information:

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