CTD Charter

The CTD has created a Charter that outlines the structure and membership of the group.

Current CTD members can be found HERE.


CTD Charter

Updated: February 2018

Purpose and Vision of the CTD as stated in the Charter

The Washington State Conservation Commission (WSCC) establishes the Center for Technical Development (CTD) created for the purpose of ensuring that Washington State Conservation Districts have the proper technical expertise and support to consistently plan and implement conservation programs. CTD will be implemented in collaboration with the Washington State Conservation Commission (WSCC), Conservation Districts across Washington State, Washington Association of Conservation Districts (WACD), Washington Association of District Employees (WADE), USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), and other key conservation partners.

The vision of the CTD, as acknowledged by WSCC, is that quality technical assistance, programs, and guidance provided by Districts will foster greater natural resource protection and stewardship by land managers and the communities within which they operate. Districts should be provided proper support and recognized for their professional staff members who possess the technical proficiency, knowledge, and expertise necessary to properly assist land users via statewide training and certification programs. Continuing research and development support will improve technical assistance program delivery, while support for planning consistency and high level performance will aid in professional development of staff. Evaluation of the effectiveness of work and services will be demonstrated through improvement of natural resources.